Ice Hair Extensions



Ice extensions bond are very strong nothing will affect you can go for gym, sauna, swimming, hair spas and even you can oil, dye to your hair. Once the root grows out, they need to removed and reapplied near to the root. It will long last 16 weeks or more can stay on.

Ice glue extensions also known as invisible extensions, nano extensions, spanish extensions, or cold gel fusion extensions are the newest trend in the hair extensions industry. Most of our customers are really liking it alot as it is very thin and light feeling compared to other extensions. It is invisible even when you tie a ponytail. Super comfortable and absolutely safe. we choose the hair according to the length, structure, texture and color of the clients hair .
This technique is difficult and requires a skilled professional to install the extensions. Even 50 pieces are enough to to fill crown area and make it look fuller and healthier.

ice hair extensions

Features & Specification:->
1. Ideal for a client with very thin hair especially in the crown area as they are almost invisible. The same hair can be reused .
2. If you Compared to other extensions such as fusion , micro ring, tape these extensions ice extensions are very comfortable and feel light in your hair these capsules are five times smaller in size we do customized according to your hair .